Neon Marshmallow featured on Experimental 1/2 Hour

Portland cable access show “Experimental 1/2 Hour” did a special episode devoted to Chicago’s Neon Marshmallow Festival. Altered Zones is sharing it via Vimeo (embed below).

While I couldn’t make it out to Chicago for the shows (which were 6/10-6/12 at the Empty Bottle), I spent a great deal of the weekend grooving in solidarity to a cassette comp of some of the fest’s featured acts. You can still get one over at the festival’s site: 80 minutes of unreleased tracks for $6!

It’s great to see “out pop’s” ascent continue well beyond the temporary fad stage. Hopefully, more enduring attention will allow for experimentation to remain artistically vital and commercially viable. Who knows, maybe it’ll make more mainstream artists open their ears and up their game?

Experimental ½ Hour – Neon Marshmallow Fest 2011 Special Edition ft. Operative & Luis Gonzalez/Andy Quitter from Experimental ½ Hour on Vimeo.

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