Recent Musical America reviews; Signal to Noise

I recently contributed two articles to Musical America.

My review of the League of Composers/ISCM concert at Miller Theatre can be found here.

League of Composers/ISCM Orchestra. Credit: Ron Gordon

My review of Talea/Linea at Lincoln Center can be found here.

And yes, these are available only to Musical America subscribers. But, it’s a terrific publication and they even let you try a free two-week trial to kick the tires.

A propos of the paid subscription model, the last quarterly issue of Signal to Noise Magazine has just hit the newsstands. It’s got two articles in it by yours truly, including a feature on Australian composer Andrew Ford and a review of Alex Ross’ Listen to This (I’ve also contributed several recording reviews).

I’ve been writing for Signal to Noise since 2002, and it’s hard to see it, like so many other print outlets, being forced by current economic circumstances¬†to downsize .¬†Its stalwart publisher/editor-in-chief Pete Gershon hopes to keep StN going as an annual, “yearbook” style publication. But the success of that venture will depend on support from labels (in the form of review materials), advertisers (in the form of … ads), and, yes, the support of readers like you. Want experimental music to still have a voice in print in the US? Then get thee to the newsstand and enjoy an issue of StN.

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