Got a “Hurricane” playlist?

Hurricane evacuee Humphrey

Hurricane Irene approaches. We’ve got two extra guests this weekend: my Mom and Humphrey, her labrador retriever. They were evacuated from Long Island and are spending the weekend with us.

Waiting out a storm can be angst-producing and, eventually, boredom provoking – particularly without music.

So, File Under ? readers (the comments section is open and so are email, Twitter, Facebook, and G+), send us your “hurricane” listening lists – either in old-fashioned typewritten format or via the usual suspects (Spotify,, etc.). The guidelines are wide open. It can be a themed list or simply musical “comfort food.”

Stay safe everyone!

“Winner” – my entirely subjective favorite gets a prize. Hey, why should Irene have all the fun?

3 thoughts on “Got a “Hurricane” playlist?

  1. It’s Gonna Rain (Part 1) / Steve Reich
    Don’t Rain on My Parade / Barbra Streisand
    Awake! O North Wind (from Wedding Cantata) / Daniel Pinkham
    Channels and Winds / Philip Glass & Ravi Shankar
    Cloudbusting / Kate Bush
    Tropical Storm (from Nixon in China II.2) / John Adams
    Storm (from Drawing Restraint 9) / Björk
    We’re in a Thunderstorm / Gentleman Reg
    I Can’t Stand the Rain / Tina Turner
    Set Fire to the Rain / Adele
    I Can See Clearly Now (The Rain is Gone) / Johnny Nash
    Over the Rainbow / Raymond Scott and the Secret 7
    A Day Without Rain / Enya

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