Vampillia: Alchemic Heart (CD Review)

Alchemic Heart
Important Records CD

Vampillia brings in the heavy artillery onĀ Alchemic Heart, their first full length for Important Records. The eleven piece Japanese noise-rock collective is joined by members of the Boredoms, Jarboe, and Merzbow: luminaries all of the avant/noise aesthetic.

The recording consists of two 24 minute long cuts, “Sea” and “Land.” Each takes the familiar permutations of post-rock as a jumping off point, beginning with fragile gestures in a delicate dynamic spectrum that is succeeded by a gradual crescendo to thunderous sonic fury. The lyrics sung by Jarboe are portentous, but atmospherically so, leaving the pieces with a diffuse textual narrative. The participants instead rely upon the music’s tremendous sonic sweep to shape its proceedings, bringing a variety of textures to bear: from delicate modal chord progressions at the keyboard to chthonic vocal yawps and furious squalls of dissonant, distorted guitars.

True, this script will likely seem familiar to most aficionados of avant-noise. But in the crevasses of these well worn archetypes, there still lies the capacity to thrill and, when Vampillia and company make their most nimble textural shifts, to surprise. Thus, Alchemic Heart proves to be an elementally powerful, menacingly moving release.

Vampillia – alchemic heart – land (excerpts) (important records) by pdis_inpartmaint

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