More Press for Sequenza 21 Concert

What a fun picture of Timo Andres

Thomas Deneuville has posted a thoughtful and detailed review at I Care if You Listen.

He was kind enough to mention Wily Overture, my new piece for ACME. So, for the “virtual clipping file”…

Wily Overture by Christian Carey opened the concert but also introduced the complete ensemble to the audience (it was indeed the only piece on the program written for the full ensemble). Written for string quartet, piano and percussions, the overture displayed a complex affect somewhere between a martial address, and a welcoming invitation. The angular lines, the luscious strings and the clever use of brushes on the drums were very effective.”

Likewise, Chris McGovern has posted his own in depth write-up at his blog The Glass.

He mentioned Wily Overture as well: “The highlights of this program for me were … A) The world premiere of Christian Carey’s Wily Overture, taking on an unusually orchestral feel with the addition of a snare drum…”

Thanks to both for attending and taking the time to share their observations!

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