This Thursday, loadbang performs ‘Notes in the Cracks’

If you’re in New York on Thursday and happen to be free, come hear my first composition written in 72 EDO tuning: that’s equal temperament with 72 notes per octave!


Notes in the Cracksloadbang performs a concert of microtonal music, featuring 3 new premieres, a trio for the horns, and a solo turn for baritone Jeff Gavett. Music by Aaron Cassidy, Christian Carey, Heather Frasch, Tim McCormack, & Julia Werntz

Greenwich House - November 10th, 2011 8PM
46 Barrow Street, Manhattan
Admission: $15 general; $10 students and seniors’;
tickets at the door; no advance sales

strong>Alejandro Acierto – bass clarinet

Jeff Gavett – baritone

Andy Kozar — trumpet

William Lang – trombone

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