Nova Scotian Arms: “Navigation (Devotional)” (Video)

Saturday listening

Steve Smith shared a variety of links about ambient drone artist Nova Scotian Arms yesterday via  twitter. And when Night After Night praises something, it’s smart to take notice!

NOVA SCOTIAN ARMS – Navigation (Devotional) from Camilla Padgitt-Coles on Vimeo.

Nova Scotian Arms have released a new double cassette, Winds Over Silmäterä, via Hooker Vision.

One thought on “Nova Scotian Arms: “Navigation (Devotional)” (Video)

  1. The interplay between sound and image is mesmerizing. I’m grateful to you for lifting this up for another look, as, though I do try and keep my eye out for Steve Smith’s writings and alerts of any type, I am woefully inadequate at keeping up, particularly with tweets. Had I but several pairs of ears and eyes!

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