3/4: Babbitt Conference Presentation at Wright State University

The Wright State University Music Department will be hosting a Colloquium/Concert on March 3-4, 2012, entitled The Legacy of Milton Babbitt: Post-WWII Serialism in the Americas. Andrew Mead will be the  keynote speaker and Winston Choi the guest performer. I’m very excited to be participating in the session below, which will occur on Sunday morning. My work For Milton, a duo for flute and piano, will appear on the PNM/OS CD release.

Roundtable Discussion

For Milton Babbitt: a Memorial Recording


Andrew Mead (University of Michigan)

Robert Morris (Eastman School of Music)

Benjamin Boretz (Bard College)

James Romig (Western Illinois University)

Ashlee Mack (Knox College)

Christian Carey (Westminster Choir College)

Abstract: A number of Milton Babbitt’s compositions are occasional works. Some, such as My Complements to Roger and Swan Song No. 1, dedicated, respectively, to Babbitt’s teacher Roger Sessions and to the Cygnus Ensemble, are affirmative in nature, celebrating special occasions or thanking stalwart performers of Babbitt’s music. On the other hand, A Solo Requiem, dedicated to Godfrey Winham, commemorates the memory of a departed friend.

This roundtable discussion includes some of the contributors to a new set of CD recordings commemorating Milton Babbitt. Perspectives of New Music and Open Space Magazine are releasing it in collaboration. Some, such as Odds and Ends, by Robert Morris, were written while Babbitt was still alive, as birthday greetings and other tributes. But a number of the pieces included on the CDs have been composed since Babbitt’s passing, as musical remembrances.

Most of the participants are composers who contributed pieces to the recording: Ms. Mack is a pianist who recorded several of the works. Several have also studied with or written about Babbitt. The participants will talk about the genesis of the Babbitt PNM/OSM recording project. In addition to discussing some of the pieces on the recording, they will describe the affinities between their own creative processes and Babbitt’s compositional work. Finally, they will talk about Babbitt’s legacy as a teacher and theorist.


The CDs will contain many pieces composed in honor of Milton Babbitt, on the occasion of his passing. The release also includes a book containing all scores, notes on the music by the composers, and several essays about aspects of Milton Babbitt’s presence. This will be mailed along with the CD album as a special supplement to PNM 49/2 and will also be mailed as Special Issue 14 of The Open Space Magazine. They may also be purchased separately at the websites of PNM and OSM (information below).

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