Free DL: “Alleluia, Ascendit Deus” (Soundcloud Demo)

Casavant Organ at Grace Church Newark

Here’s a Soundcloud demo of my latest choral piece, a motet setting of “Alleluiai, Ascendit Deus” (Psalm 47:5). Instead of those beastly MIDI ooh’s and ah’s, I’ve used a sample of an organ flute stop as the sound palette. Please feel free to download, share, embed, etc.

The piece will be premiered as part of the 175th Anniversary celebration of Grace Church Newark, a service commemorating the Feast of the Ascension (May 19,2012 at noon).

One thought on “Free DL: “Alleluia, Ascendit Deus” (Soundcloud Demo)

  1. Congrats on this piece and its upcoming performance. Joyous listening! (PS, I’ve been drowning trying to keep up with the “social media,” so I’ve been weening myself off G+ and less so, but also, twitter a bit, but I do have you in my Good Reads, Music listing, so I hope to stay in touch!)

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