RJ Valeo visits Philly (cassette review)

The Philadelphia Recordings
RJ Valeo , synths, electronics; Justin Gibbon, drums, Justin Miller, bass and percussion
Digitalis Ltd. cassette #229

For a two day marathon of one-take recordings, Brooklyn/Atlanta electronic musician RJ Valeo joined bandmates Justin Gibbon and Justin Miller at SINergy Art Space, a 4000 square foot loft in Philadelphia. The result of their efforts is a cassette filled with reverberant soundscapes, populated by resilient grooves with swaths of bleary, effects laden live electronics. The B-side inexorably pulls you away from the toe-tapping ambience of the earlier music into a lush and leisurely paced sound world. It is a visceral pullback into the exhaustion of an adrenaline dump, signifying the end of an action packed weekend of music-making.

I can’t decide whether I prefer the trio at the effusive beginning of the session or during its hazy winding down. Fortunately, I don’t have to decide: one can just flip the tape over and enjoy it all again.

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