Tuesday: NY Phil celebrates Dutilleux

Tonight the New York Philharmonic celebrates French composer Henri Dutilleux, the recipient of the orchestra’s first Marie-Josée Kravis Prize for New Music.

Dutilleux has decided to use the prize money to commission three composers to write works for the Philharmonic in his honor. He’s already selected one – Peter Eotvos. Who would you recommend to Mr. Dutilleux as the other two commission recipients?

Alan Gilbert will conduct and Yo-Yo Ma is the featured guest soloist.


Métaboles (1964)

Ainsi La Nuit for String Quartet (1976)

Cello Concerto — Tout un monde lointain (A whole distant world) (1970)

One thought on “Tuesday: NY Phil celebrates Dutilleux

  1. Christian: Very grateful to you for noting this concert, which, as is so often the case, I could not attend. I flagged your post to come back to and to take a listen to the music. I particularly appreciated that Dutilleux decided to use the prize money to commission other composers. A magnificent gesture. It’s what I hoped, for example, Lachenmann would have done with the prize he received a year or so ago, but I don’t believe he did. Were you able to attend the concert, and, if so, will you grace us with a report?

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