Cage: 100 Waltzes (Concert Announcement)

A DVD of Cage's 49 Waltzes. Kevin James aims to up the ante!

Even in the midst of myriad celebrations of the John Cage centenary, composer Kevin James and his newly formed [kāj] (pronounced Cage) ensemble is organizing one of the more ambitious and unusual celebratory offerings.

100 Waltzes culls audio from field recordings at 147 New York City locations. It was inspired by Cage’s own 49 Waltzes for the 5 Boroughs, a score that stipulates incorporating familiar waltzes into an aleatoric composition. You can see video of James’s creative process at work below.

Event Details

August 21, 22 and 23 at 7:30pm

DiMenna Center, Mary Flagler Cary Hall,

450 West 37th St., New York, NY.

Tickets ($20 general or $30w/reception ticket, $10 students or $20 w/reception ticket) or by calling 925-285-3611.

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