Making Preparations

Three Premieres in One Day!

Today is the busiest day yet for my compositions. At 8 PM EST, the Locrian Chamber Players premiere Gilgamesh Suite at Riverside Church in NYC. At 8 PM Pacific, Hubert Ho and Amelia Archer give the West Coast premiere of Bagatelle for Alto Flute in Saratoga, CA. Also this evening, WGDR is broadcasting “Gilgamesh Variation,” a short piece for prepared piano and electronics, on the 60X60 project’s marathon.

Program Note – Gilgamesh Suite

Gilgamesh Suite is a newly composed work based on selections from incidental music I contributed to the play Gilgamesh Variations, produced at Brooklyn’s Bushwick Starr Theatre in 2011. Written to commemorate the 2012 Cage centenary, its touchstone work is Sonatas and Interludes. Instead of creating a trope on Cageian compositional practices, I focused on incorporating the rich sound palette of the work’s prepared piano into the play’s eclectic and highly gestural aesthetic.

The suite, composed for Locrian Chamber Players, is scored for flute, prepared piano, harp, and string quartet. The sixth movement embeds Locrian Flourish, a work commissioned by the ensemble for flutist Diva Goodfriend-Koven, as an extended cadenza.

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