More on Duckworth: Time Curve Preludes Download

Kyle Gann’s blog has more about Bill Duckworth, including news that Andy Lee’s recording of Time Curve Preludes on Irritable Hedgehog will be available for free download until Sunday night (Embed below). Label owner David McIntire is a real mensch. Gann also mentions a recently composed piano concerto; dare we hope that Lee gets a chance to program it with a good orchestra?

Speaking of the pianist, he shares his own essay about Duckworth over at I Care if You Listen.

One thought on “More on Duckworth: Time Curve Preludes Download

  1. Well, I don’t know if I’d be holding my breath. :) As you probably saw, it was Bruce Brubaker that prompted Duckworth to write the concerto ( It would seem that it is finished, but it isn’t listed under the repertoire on his website. I’d assume that Bruce would have exclusive performing rights anyway, not to mention a far better chance at obtaining an orchestra. I only heard about the concerto this summer, and never got around to inquiring about obtaining a score…

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