File Under ? February Mix

File Under ? February Mix by Christian Carey on Mixcloud

File Under ? February Mix


1)    Volavérunt Homenaje a Francisco, Eduardo Morales-Caso, performed by Duo Sonidos

2)    Our Evening, from On an Overgrown Path by Janacek, performed by Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont

3)    “the sun I see,” from the nurturing river by Frank J. Oteri, performed by Phillip Cheah and Trudy Chan

4)    “Rooftop,” by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

5)    “Scratch!!! Rub!!!” by Mark Stewart, from Bridge Records’ $100 Guitar Project CD.

6)    Koralate, by Michael Bierylo, $100 Guitar Project

7)    “The Pornography of Unfettered Optimism,” by David McIntire

8)    Excerpt from „…Zwei Gefühle – Musik mit Leonardo, by Helmut Lachenmann, performed by Ensemble Signal, from Mode Records’ Lachenmann „…Zwei Gefühle and Solo Works

9)    Animals, by Joseph Byrd, , performed by ACME, from New World Records’ Joseph Byrd: NYC 1960-1963


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