Saturday: Frank J. Oteri at Tenri

Photo: Jeffrey Herman.

This Saturday at 8 PM, composer Frank J. Oteri has a portrait concert at Tenri Cultural Center. Many of you know Oteri from his regular contributions, editing, and advocacy at New Music Box. He puts just as much thought and imagination into his own original works.

Vocalist/pianist Phillip Cheah and pianist Trudy Chan present two world premieres by Oteri. Versions of the Truth (2012) is a song cycle dealing with the poetry of Stephen Crane (1871-1900). Setting the World at Five and Seven (2008) is a solo keyboard work that will be performed by Chan. The program also features the solo piano piece Palindrome (1984), performed by Cheah, and the first complete rendition of another song cycle: the nurturing river (1982), settings of sonnets by James R. Murphy. You can hear a partial performance of the latter work here. You can also hear Oteri’s work as part of our latest Mixcloud mix.

Tickets are $15 at the door (venue details here).

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