2 thoughts on “Celer: “Viewpoint”

  1. Stunning! I don’t always fall for the ethereal stuff, but this hits me in the heart and the head. Thanks for posting.

  2. You’re very kind, Christian, but credit where credit is due: the hat tip goes to a Bandcamp user named Bruce Levenstein, whose collection page I follow. When he bought the album, I got an alert and investigated, then snapped it up pronto. It’s I’ve become a loud advocate for Bandcamp’s user pages – the recommendations from users I follow have paid off handsomely.


    Gail, I hear that a lot about Celer, actually. Something about Will Long’s work – originally with his late wife, Danielle Baquet-Long, and now solo – connects with an usually broad cross-section of listeners, much wider than the usual ambient-drone circles. Here’s a good place to explore further:


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