Thursday and Friday: Locrian Chamber Players

Our friends the Locrian Chamber Players are presenting a concert of works tonight in their usual haunt, at Riverside Church uptown, and also on Friday in their debut at Bargemusic. The concert features pieces by Harold Meltzer and Lois V. Vierk. (Details below).


Thursday, May 30 at 8PM in Riverside Church

Free admission

Friday, May 31 at 8PM at Bargemusic

$35 ($30 for seniors/$15 for students)

The program for both concert is as follows:

Harold Meltzer–Aqua

Lois V. Vierk–Words Fail Me

David Shohl–Silhouette (World premiere)

Bernard Hughes–Suck It and See (U.S. premiere)

Vera Ivanova–Three Studies in Uneven Meters (New York premiere)

The Players:

Cal Wiersma and Andrea Schultz, violin; Daniel Panner, viola; Greg Hesselink, cello;

Margaret Kampmeier, piano.

A reception will follow the concert on the 30th.

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