Another reason to love Infini-T

Over the past few years, as local businesses have tried to weather the recession, a number of my favorite haunts in New York, New Jersey, and even Boston/Cambridge have gone out. It’s been sad to see some terrific bookstores, recordstores, coffeehouses, and tea shops shuttered due to the general economic malaise and changes in the way that people interact and consume  - both food and media.

Happily, this Spring I have found a new place to enjoy in Princeton:  Infini-T Cafe and Spice Souk. It’s just a short walk from my office, has excellent espresso, a wide range of teas, enjoyable Mediterranean and veggies dishes, and an all too tempting case of pastries. Unlike Small World Coffee, a place I enjoy to grab and go rather than sit and ponder, Infini-T is an inviting place to read, write, and linger over a cup of something tasty and reviving.

But I really knew that it was Kismet when I saw Andy Akiho’s Innova CD for sale near the counter! And, I belatedly learned that Infini-T hosted his group Foundry back in April.

A caffeinated haven for new music – count me in!

Andy Akiho's new CD AND a mean dirty iced chai?

Andy Akiho’s No One to Know One, in all its steel pan inflected percussiveness, is out now on  Innova and is highly recommended listening.