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File Under?’s December 2012 Mix (streaming at our MixCloud site here).


File Under ? December 2012 Mix by Christian Carey on Mixcloud

Selections by some of our favorite artists and composers: a sampling of those who graced our listening in 2012 (live or or via recording) and filled the year with many adventurous, multifaceted delights. Stay tuned for more mixes in 2013.


Track list

1 – Kenji Bunch: “Porch Picking”

Alias Chamber Ensemble

Boiling Point: the Music of Kenji Bunch,

Delos CD


2 – John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes. Sonata VII

Vicky Chow, piano

Cage Unlocked, Avant Media (via BandCamp)


3 – Poul Ruders: Offred Suite I. My Story

Susanna Phillips, soprano;

Odense Symphony Orchestra, Scott Yoo, conductor



4 – Christian Carey: Gilgamesh Suite. I. Heroes’Journey

 Locrian Chamber Players

 Gilgamesh Suite EP, File Under Music (via BandCamp)


5 – George Crumb: The Ghosts of Alhambra IV. Paisaje

Crazy Jane (Patrick Mason, David Starobin, Daniel Druckman)



6 – Vivian Fung: excerpt from Violin Concerto

Kristin Lee, violin;

Metropolis Ensemble, Andrew Cyr, conductor


Naxos Canadian Classics CD 8.573009


7 – Ben Broening: Traces (i)

eighth blackbird



8 – Robert E. Thomas: “there dwells the child that was”

Robert E. Thomas, electronics



9 – Aaron Cassidy: “What then renders these forces visible is a strange smile”

Tristram Williams, trumpet

 Neos CD 11201


10 – Elliott Carter: Figment IV

Hsin-Yun Huang, viola



11 – Stefan Prins: Fremdkörper Pt. 1


Klangforum Wien and electronic

Sub Rosa SR 352 2xCD


12 – Judah Adashi: Songs of Kabir (2005) IV:

“O Friend! This Body is his Lyre”

Arc Duo

Azica CD 71275


13—Luigi Nono: excerpt from “La Lontanza” …

Miranda Cuckson, violin and voice; Christopher Burns, electronics

Urlicht Audiovisual


14 – Antoine Brumel: excerpt from Mass for the Dead


New York Polyphony



15 – Christopher Cerrone: How to Breathe Underwater

previously unreleased



16 – Bryan Jacobs: “Do You Need, Do To Me, 18 Me, 18 Mean”

live recording



Mix Curator – Christian Carey

Engineer – Robert E. Thomas

Björk: Biophilia Remixes by Current Value

Biophilia Remixes
Part I: “Crystalline” and “Solstice,” remixed by Current Value
One Little Indian

Björk’s 2011 recording, Biophilia, has, from its conception and release, been more than just another full length CD. The songwriter commissioned an app suite that allowed listeners to interact with the musical materials on the album and learn more about the scientific and ecological inspiration for much of the content of the lyrics. This has been followed by several educational initiatives in which Björk has been involved as a teacher and curator. Thus, the Biophilia project’s organic growth can be seen to extend alongside its creator’s omnivorous interests; and to reach far beyond the usual quarters of the record industry.

On the musical front, Björk has invited several prominent electronica artists to remix songs from Biophilia. The projected eight part series of remixes affords another layer of collaboration and interaction with this rich source material. The first part features Berlin-based artist Tim Eliot, who records under the moniker Current Value. He refashions two songs. The first, “Crystalline,” has one of the coolest and most readily apprehended apps in the series.

Crystalline App Tutorial on YouTube

Current Value has been a purveyor of techstep and the more dissonant wing of drum and bass for two decades. On “Crystalline,” his preferred techniques are deployed at full strength. After a delicate and ethereal beginning, he lays the hammer down, distressing the song’s textures and providing its center with a “voltage” and glitch tinged foreground and thrumming sepulchral bass tones. CV allows for this wall of song to prevail for much of the remix, making it eminently dance floor ready. We are allowed a brief respite again near the song’s conclusion; ambient synths blanket Björk’s voice before it is once again thrust into the propulsive maelstrom of the mix.

“Solstice” is a far more delicate source track. The Current Value remix processes the vocals, providing a sense of distance that accentuates the original’s delicacy. Beats skitter and, once again, “voltage” punctuation coruscates the proceedings until, at last, the boom is once again lowered: a mid tempo groove is established that is underpinned with multiple bass register lines in counterpoint. Perfect for a down tempo or lounge setting but still rife with syncopation, the “Solstice” rendition lives up to its remixer’s reputation for challenging dance hall aesthetics with dissonant and complex rhythms. Correspondingly, its adventurous spirit transforms the source material in fascinating ways.

Playlist: Sense Amid Senselessness

Our 24 hour news cycle can tend to bombard us information about tragic events. While this can be helpful, it can also become dispiriting and disconcerting.

After news of the shooting in Colorado was announced, I asked Sequenza 21 contributors and community members to share musical excerpts that they find consolatory when a tragedy such as this occurs. Some provided me with video clips via YouTube. Others supplied SoundCloud links to their own pieces, written to respond to the chaos that is all too prevalent in our society.

Contributors: Steve Layton, Judah Adashi, James Stephenson, Rob Deemer, Ken Ueno, Jonathan Palmer Lakeland, James Ilgenfritz, Jerry Bowles, and yours truly.

“Bonus” track:

Have a favorite you’d like to share? The comments section is open – but for musical selections, not OP/ED (plenty of other places for that right now!).

File Under ? Early Summer 2011 Playlist

Thus far, 2011 has been an excellent year for releases of new music. Some formats that many folks thought to be those of yesteryear – 7” singles, 12” vinyl LPs, and even (shudder) cassettes – continue their resurgence.

Vinyl has long been touted by audiophiles; but why cassettes? Nostalgia? Perhaps. But it may also be due to an abiding interest in collecting audio artifacts, as well as a burgeoning taste for lo-fi DIY. Either way, I wish that my car was equipped with a cassette deck, as I’ve enjoyed several new ones at home. This playlist includes several of the discs (both compact and vinyl), tapes, and digital releases that have been in heavy rotation during the beginning of summer 2011. I’m listing whole releases, rather than individual cuts. Check back later in the summer for a proper mixtape.

n  Mark Templeton, Scotch Hearts (cassette SLG022)

n  Neon Marshmallow 2011 Festival Comp (Neon Marshmallow cassette)

n  Feelies, Here Before (Bar None digital)

n  Colin L. Orchestra, Infinite Ease/Good Good (Northern Spy CD)

n  V/A, Clandestine Comp. Series Vol. 1 (Northern Spy cassette)

n  Chris Dingman, Waking Dreams (Between Worlds CD)

n  Craig Taborn, Avenging Angel (ECM CD)

n  Arlene Sierra, Volume 1 (Bridge CD)

n  Matthew Shipp, The Art of the Improviser (Thirsty Ear 2xCD)

n  Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop CD)

n  Chris Thile and Daves, Sleep with One Eye Open (Nonesuch CD)

n  Radiohead, The King of Limbs (TBD vinyl LP)

n  John Adams, Son of Chamber Symphony and String Quartet (Nonesuch CD)

n  Seda Roeder, Listening to Istanbul (self-released CD)

n  Sophia Knapp, Nothing to Lose (Drag City 7” vinyl)

n  Devotchka, 100 Lovers (Anti CD)

n  Amy Briggs, Tangos for Piano (Ravello CD)

n  Chiara String Quartet and Matmos, Jefferson Friedman: Quartets (New Amsterdam CD)

n  Battles, The Gloss Drop (Warp CD)

n  Thurston Moore, Demolished Thoughts (Matador LP)

n  New England Conservatory, American Music for Percussion, Vol. 1&2 (Naxos CDs)

n  Anti-Social Music, Is the Future is Everything (Peacock CD)

n  Orchestra 2001, To the Point (Innova CD)

n  Vicky Chow, Ryan Francis Works for Piano (Tzadik CD)

n  Brian Eno, Drums between the Bells (Warp digital)

n  International Street Cannibals and others, Ballets and Solos (Composer Concordance CD)