Dan Friel: “Valedictorian” (SoundCloud)

Feeling a bit sluggish? The late summertime blues got you down? You won’t be after hearing the Dan Friel song “Valedictorian” via the SoundCloud embed below. It’s a triple espresso’s worth of instrumental indie pop pep.

Dan Friel’s Valedictorian/Exoskeleton EP is out via Thrill Jockey on October 16th as a 12″ vinyl release.

Cold Crows Dead + Stephen John Kalinich (SoundCloud)

As our regular readers know, File Under ? has a penchant for juxtapositions. Still even by our standards, combining a contemporary “bleak pop” band with spoken word performances by a lyricist with Beach Boys credits is audacious! But don’t be too hasty to judge a book by its multifaceted cover.

Cold Crows Dead has collaborated with poet, musician, and lyricist Stephen John Kalinich. Check out “Man in Bleak” via the embed below.