Happy Record Store Day!

Record Store Day is upon us! That’s right, today (Saturday, April 17) record sellers throughout the country celebrate the continued vitality of the independent record store. A number of in store performances, limited releases, and freebies are on offer!

Go to the RSD site here to find a record store near you that’s taking part of the celebration.

Our friends at Sub Pop have created a Record Store Day mix (below) to get you in the mood to go out hunting for limited 7″ vinyl and live CDs.

2010 Sub Pop / Record Store Day Mix by subpop

Nirvana's Bleach Reissued

Nirvana’s 1989 debut LP Bleach is being reissued by Sub Pop on November 3, 2009. Remastered, given the deluxe art treatment, and released with bonus live tracks from a 1990 show in Portland, Bleach will doubtless prove an ear-opener for those more familiar with Nirvana’s second LP, Nevermind. One only wishes that Kurt Cobain were here to celebrate the album’s twentieth birthday.

Sub Pop is sharing an MP3 from the Portland show (linked below).

MP3: Scoff (live version, 1990)

Beam's Best Rarities

Iron & Wine

Around the Well

Sub Pop


Around the Well collects two CDs worth of Sam Beam’s Iron & Wine project, including rarities, B-sides, and previously unreleased songs. Beginning with solo efforts, bedroom recordings simultaneously relaxed and inspired (“Sacred Vision”), the compilation gradually unfolds Iron & Wine’s current state of affairs: a full band capable of intricate, lustrous arrangements (“Kingdom of the Animals”).


Predictably, a few of those fans who labored long and hard to acquire the band’s odds and ends prior to this handy compilation are grousing a bit. But even the most dedicated completist will find enough new fare here to intrigue. For example, “Arms of a Thief” takes Beam’s Texas folk trappings and transports them to Persian environs: percussion-heavy and replete with undulating grooves.

Also included are selections from film soundtracks for Garden State and In Good Company. The latter film features Beam’s songs arranged to best advantage: there are copious beautiful vocal harmonies on “Belated Promise Ring” and “The Trapeze Swinger” is Iron & Wine at its most epic and expansive. Their next LP is slated for release in 2010, but Around the Well is no mere placeholder: it’s a delightful collation of fine alt-folk.


 MP3: “The Trapeze Swinger”