White Hills: “Paradise” (Video)

Thrill Jockey artists White Hills have just released a video for “Paradise,” a song off of their new LP H-p1.

White Hills – Paradise from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

White Hills tours in support of release this Fall. Maybe they’ll bring their mix of drones, post-psych guitar work, and kraut rock signatures to a venue near you!


Sep 3 Brooklyn, NY Aviator Sports Complex w/Psychic Paramount, Pictureplane
Sep 8 Vancouver, BC The Biltmore Cabaret w/Sleepy Sun
Sep 9 Seattle, WA Nectar Lounge w/Sleepy Sun, Kinski
Sep 10 Portland, OR Ash Street Saloon w/Eternal Tapestry, Pierced Arrows
Sep 14 San Francisco, CA Rickshaw Stop w/Carleton Melton
Sep 15 Long Beach, CA Alex’s Bar w/RTX, Heavy Cream
Sep 16 Los Angeles, CA Nomad Art Gallery w/Sleepy Sun
Sep 17 San Diego, CA Soda Bar
Sep 30 Den Bosch, Netherlands W 2
Oct 1 Leuven, Belgium Het Depot
Oct 2 Cologne, Germany Underground
Oct 4 Vienna, Austria Arena
Oct 5 Feldkirch, Austria Graf Hugo
Oct 6 Stuttgart, Germany 1210
Oct 7 Weimar, Germany Werk
Oct 8 Cottbus, Germany Burning Earth Festival
Oct 9 Berlin, Germany White Trash
Oct 10 Hamburg, Germany Molotow
Oct 11 Bielefeld, Germany AJZ
Oct 13 Olten, Switzerland Quote D’Or
Oct 14 Wurzburg, Germany Cafe Cairo
Oct 15 Darmstadt, Germany 603
Oct 17 Savignano Sul Rubicone, Italy Sidro Club
Oct 18 Rome, Italy Sinister Noise
Oct 19 Quero, Italy Piettro Alternative Sound
Oct 20 Martigny, Switzerland Les Caves Du Manoir
Oct 22 Maastricht, Netherlands Musikgiterij
Oct 23 Birmingham, UK Supersonic Festival
Oct 24 London, UK Corsica

White Hills – H-p1 from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Eleventh Dream Day: “Satellite” (MP3)

Eleventh Dream Day’s Riot Now!, their first LP in nearly five years, is out on Tuesday via Thrill Jockey. The band’s also playing a handful of upcoming dates, including an appearance at SXSW.

Here’s a teaser track from the LP, the brash neo-alternative anthem “Satellite.”

MP3: Satellite


Mar 4   Chicago, IL     Riviera Theater w/Iron And Wine

Mar 19 Austin, TX Yard Dog Art Gallery (1510 S. Congress @ SXSW) = 2:55 PM

Apr 16 Brooklyn, NY Bell House w/D. Charles Speer & The Helix, Come

Apr 22 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall w/The 1900s


Thank You: Birth Reunion (Video)

No matter you method of music consumption – vinyl, CD, or digital – Tuesdays, happily, still mean the same thing: there’s new stuff our to be heard. And today (1/24) is a particularly big day for record releases.

One recording I’m eagerly anticipating is Golden Worry, Thank You’s new LP for Thrill Jockey. Check out the video for album track “Birth Reunion” below.

Thank You – Birth Reunion from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Oval’s new double LP out today

Thrill Jockey

After nearly a decade of silence, experimental electronica act Oval has returned in 2010 with a vengeance; and, with a spate of new releases. Although it was once a collective, now Markus Popp retains sole responsiblity for the proceedings. Earlier in the year, he released an EP entitled Oh! Today, its longer cousin, the 2xLP O, sees its much anticipated release. Add to that a second EP, Ringtone II, that’s being offered by the label for free download here.

O retains some of Popp’s previous proclivities – glitchy  technobeats, strummed string sounds, drones, textural juxtapositions, and repeated-note ostinati. What’s brought to bear here most overtly is an interest in pithy forms. Indeed, the second half is called “Ringtones,” and consists of 50 miniature compositions. One can imagine more than a few experimental electronica buffs installing one of them on their smartphone stat! What’s more, there’s a relaxation of one the more extreme aspects of glitch: the avoidance of pulse seems a bit less pronounced. Rather Popp seems content to flirt with metric obfuscation, but in an overall rhythmic scheme that also embraces at least occasional phrasal regulation.

Thus, on O, Popp has created music that still has an experimental edge, but seems willing to seek rapprochement with a wider range of techno/electronica styles.

MP3: Ah!

Oval US mini-tour dates:

Thu Sep 9 New York, NY – Issue Project Room (2 Shows)

Fri Sep 10 Chicago, IL – Chicago Cultural Center – Sonar Festival

Beacons of Ancestorship


Beacons of Ancestorship

Thrill Jockey Download Thrill 210


Circa twenty years since its founding, Tortoise releases its sixth full length recording, Beacons of Ancestorship. The band’s first LP of new material since 2004′s It’s All Around You, Beacons also follows The Brave and the Bold, an eclectic collaboration with William Oldham on a multifaceted selection of pop covers, and 2006′s lovingly curated career-spanning boxed set A Lazarus Taxon. The members of the band have also been busy touring together and separately inhabiting a plethora of side projects and other musical outfits. Thus, while the five-year wait is understandable, one’s glad to see this project come to fruition. Beacons of Ancestorship is a rare beast for a mature effort. Strongly identifiable as Tortoise’s, it shows the group mindful of its legacy while simultaneously pushing at their musical boundaries.

In and of itself, this is remarkable; Tortoise’s polystylistic approach to music-making has, from its inception, encompassed a wide variety of amalgams and juxtapositions. But from the album-opener, we are reminded that the postmodern, post-rock, jazz-meets-minimalism catchalls that the press has long employed to try and pin down the band have always fallen woefully short of fully descriptive. After an undulating drum ‘n bass duet intro, with a killer riff introduced in the bottom octave, “High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In” unfolds section after section as fragmentary episodes; a mélange of IDM club signatures, minimalist reiterations, polymetric rhythmic assemblages, and liberal doses of motoric, edgy synth loops, proggy string pads, and rock guitar riffs alike. The one constant amidst the kaleidoscopic changes: the evolving beat structure is still visceral enough to keep your head bobbing throughout. The coda wears its Reich on its sleeve, with phase-like shifts modulating insistent arpeggios into an incandescent shimmer.

“Gigantes” also weaves its way through an impressive assortment of polystylistic material; similarly, rhythmic underpinning allows for a host of distantly related sections to coalesce. Less successful in this regard is “Yinxianghechengqi,” where the use of juxtaposition blunts some of the more powerful buildups of the piece. Still, its thunderous walls of sound demonstrate an affinity for avant exploration that can take the group on thrilling musical excursions. “deChelly” is a all-too-brief example of delicate soundscaping.

The impressively fluid and virtuosic “Prepare Your Coffin” and “Penumbra” are somewhat reminiscent of the outstanding fusion of jazz and progressive rock found on David Sancious’s albums in the Seventies. Riffs played in guitar and bass, doubled in octaves, ornately metered yet constantly propulsive drumming, intriguing chord progressions and extended keyboard voicings, and soaring guitar solos placed up top. Both fusion and prog have been much-maligned over the years – post-rock’s continuation of their confluence has been as well – and the zesty yet airy arrangements of “Coffin” and “Penumbra” suggest that the detractors of these genres have, at best, painted with too broad a brush.

“Northern Something” is one of the cuts that pushes against the aforementioned boundaries of Tortoise’s language. Edgy, reiterated riffs and a militaristic drum refrain create a bellicose (perhaps current events-inspired?) ambience. “Monument Six One Thousand”   adds Middle Eastern-inflected rhythms into the equation, pitting their undulating flexibility against brash quarter notes articulated as piquant rhythm guitar downstrokes. “Minors,” stands in stark contrast to these two. A carefully shaped, elegantly rendered piece, its funky rhythmic underpinning sidles up to lyrically deployed solos, affecting harmonies, and the album’s most winning melodies.

An excellent installment, well worth the wait, Beacons of Ancestorship is easily the best material Tortoise has released since 1998′s TNT.


Record Store Day Treasures: Part One ““ Thrill Jockey

Record Toreism

With over 100 limited releases being pressed especially for Record Store Day, it’s hard to select favorites. But throughout the week, File Under ? will be listing select highlights to whet appetites.  

This from Thrill Jockey Records  

Thrill Jockey is proud to present our very own special contribution to Record Store Day (April 18th).   The deluxe “Records Toreism” LP will be limited to 900 copies and will feature on one side a drawing by Post Typography and a photo silk screen by Crosshair on the other.   The images portray record stores of the future, one if you support the community institutions and the other if you don’t.   Yes that is right, the inconvenient truth.   The printing and jacket fabrication will be done by Crosshair.    

Deluxe – all hand made, hand printed loveliness!    


1. Mountains “Windows”  

This is a new song that does not appear any place else.   It was recorded with love for the record store.  

2. Tortoise “High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In”    

This is a new song.   It will also appear on their new album in June.   Released early with love for the record store.    


1. Double Dagger   “Stagger Lee”    

This is a new song that does not appear any place else.   It was recorded with love for the record store.    

2.   White Hills   “Eye to Eye”    

“Eye To Eye” was previously released on Abstractions & Mutations, a limited edition CD-R release put together for a tour in September of 2007.   Released for the first time on LP with love for the record store.    

3. Trans Am Featuring Tim Soete “Wounded Monkey”  

This is an unreleased song recorded and mixed March 28, 2005 at MAINZ in Auckland, New Zealand.   Tim Soete on lead guitar and lead vocals.   Released with love for the record store.                  

 The album will also come with two inserts:   A zine “WhatsinstORe” with contributions from Ira Robbins (Trouser Press), Stephen Pastel (Pastels, Monorail), Ian MacKaye (Dischord, Evens, Fugazi, Minor Threat), Magas (Reckless Records, Magas), Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore), Rick Wojeck (Dusty Groove), Nigel (Rough Trade Records London), Danny Beard (DB Records, Wax N Facts), Ron (Jazz Record Mart), Andee Connors (A Minor Forest, Aquarius Records) Josh Madell (Other Music), Bill Ryan (Pier Platters), Bundy Brown (Tortoise, Pullman, Directions, Dusty Groove) and more!    

The second insert, NAY! I say the first MANIFESTO, was written by an elusive crank known to dine with those that lay claim to Futurism.      

Feel the power!   Join the movement – RECORDSTORISM!!  

 Record Toreism 2

Review: Thank You Very Quickly

Extra Golden

Thank You Very Quickly

Thrill Jockey

 Extra Golden Live

Grooving atop jubilant African polyrhythms and rumbling bass lines, Extra Golden revels in sparkling vocals and solos that are one part prog and another folk-melody. While numerous World Beat offerings have somewhat acclimated Western ears to the band’s sound world, there’s no dilution here. At its best, Extra Golden is reminiscent of David Sancious and Ladysmith simultaneously. The rhythm section will slay you every time they take up another intricate pattern; its music dares you not to move. Thank You Very Quickly is an all expenses paid express flight to exotic, ecstatic musical environs!