Crash Test Dummies – Toy Instruments

On their new album Oooh La La!, which will be released this Tuesday (5/11), the Crash Test Dummies feature vintage analog toy instruments. As you can see from the video below, this enlarging of their sonic palette is no gimmickry. They’re clearly entranced by the sounds and find musically inventive to incorporate them into their songs.

Crash Test Dummies – Toy Instruments from Crash Test Dummies on Vimeo.

Easter Sunday 1970

Forty years ago, on Easter Sunday 1970, David Borden and Steve Drews of Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co. – the world’s first synthesizer ensemble –performed “Easter” (Borden’s first tonal pulse-piece composed for the Moog) to audiences at Cornell University’s Sage Chapel, in Ithaca, NY. They used the Mini Moog prototype, thanks to Bob Moog. It was the first ever public performance with the Mini Moog.

On April 17th, David Borden will be performing with Josh Oxford at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA, as part of the “Waves of Inspiration” exhibit — the first exhibit of artifacts from the Bob Moog’s archives. Borden, on the MiniMoog Voyager, and Oxford, on the MiniMoog Model D, will perform Borden’s landmark 1970 work “Easter” as well as his new composition “Dreams of Jimmy (in memory of Jimmy Guiffre)” The concert will be at 7pm.

Earlier on the 17th, at 1pm, Borden will lead a tour of the Moog exhibition with the exhibit’s curator, Tatiana Sizonenko.

Learn more about the Borden concert and exhibition tour on April 17th here.

More on the Moog exhibit, “Waves of Inspiration,” here.

For recordings, check out Mother Mallard’s catalogue on Cuneiform.