Another kind of minimalism

Luc Ferrari

Didascalies 2

Sub Rosa LP

Obsessive, unpublished, etched in vinyl

Composer Luc Ferrari passed away in 2005. One of his last – unpublished – works, Didascalies 2 for two pianos and viola was premiered posthumously in 2008. This Sub Rosa LP includes both the dress rehearsal and premiere performance by pianists Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven & Claude Berset, and violist Vincent Royer.

Didascalies 2 is a fascinating piece in that it combines the repeated notes and ostinato passages of minimalism with passages of spiky dissonance and, towards its climax, an obsessively sustained, loud held note (courtesy of the viola). Ferrari’s use of repetition here presents at first like process music. But the angst of overlaid crunches and sudden blurs of chromaticism destabilizes any sense of the pattern being supported in the musical texture. Rather, it serves as a pugnacious and unrepentant irritant; an obsessive, nagging worry that won’t go away.

Eventually, when repeated notes give way to sustain in the piece’s last section, one hears a further level of defiant insistence. While one can trace affinities between this and the works of Louis Andriessen and Charlemagne Palestine, Didascalies 2 is a riveting message sent from beyond. Ferrari hasn’t gone gently into the night, and for that we should be abundantly grateful.

Vinyl Giveaway! Alex Kemp

“I think that the world is full of people that will give you opinions about your creative work, and a lot of those opinions are terrible opinions. If you wind up trying to go the major-label route with your band, you’re really inviting those ______s right into the studio with you.”
-Alex Kemp

Alex Kemp: On Your Side

Here at File Under ? , we have a soft spot for vinyl records. Especially free ones. That’s why we’re offering the first person to email me a set of Alex Kemp’s self-released EPs!

Standard Fare: Video

The English tock trio Standard Fare has just released a video for their song “Philadelphia.” The track, taken from their debut LP, The Noyelle Beat, will also be released July 12th 2010 as a limited edition single, pressed on 7″ green vinyl. Collectors start your engines!

The band’s justifiably lauded for their live show. Here’s a clip of them performing “Philadelphia” at the Cake Shop during SXSW 2010.

Voltaic – release information; screenings

Exciting news just in from Marni at Sneak Attack:

Björk’s DVD/CD/VINYL recording Voltaic, is being released in the U.S. by Nonesuch Records on June 30 (One Little Indian in the UK, and Universal worldwide.)

This June and July, the Paris concert from Voltaic: The Volta Tour will be screened nationwide in the U.S. Beginning on June 17 the more than 15 screenings will lead up to Voltaic’s release.   Below are the confirmed screening dates and you can download the poster here.

Available in five different physical configurations, Voltaic is a lovingly packaged celebration of the past two years of activities surrounding Björk’s Volta (2007).

Find more info about Voltaic here.


June 17 Boulder, CO Boulder Theater

June 19, 20 Anchorage, AK Bear Tooth Theater

June 20 Philadelphia, PA 941 Theater

June 23 New York, NY School of Visual Arts Theater

June 23 Los Angeles, CA The Montalban Theater

June 23 Madison, WI The Orpheum Stage Door

June 23-28 Oxford, MS The Amp

June 23-28 Lake Geneva, WI Geneva Theater

June 24 Minneapolis, MN The Trylon Microcinema

June 26, 27 Seattle, WA Northwest Film Forum

June 26, 27 San Francisco, CA The Roxie

June 26, 27 Bellingham, WA Pickford Film Center

June 26, 27 New Orleans, LA Zeitgeist Arts Center

July 20 Austin, TX Alamo Drafthouse Ritz

(More dates to be announced at Cinema Purgatorio)


Record Store Day is Here!

kay and head in newark 005.JPG Record Store Day is upon us. My fiancé and I have plotted our route, and plan to visit New Jersey record stores in Princeton, Bordentown and Fords tomorrow in a self-made scavenger hunt for special releases and limited edition 7″ vinyl.
One I’ll definitely be seeking out is the exclusive EP by Magnolia Electric Company.
I’ve included the press release below, as well as info about two more in store performances by Drag City artists.
Whether you celebrate by attending an event or just listening to your favorite LP at home, I hope you take a moment to enjoy some music today.

Secretly Canadian
MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO. Preps Exclusive Record Store Day 7″,
Tours The West Coast With The Avett Brothers

Quite often, times of dormancy only seem so to those of us on the outside. The wheels never really stop turning. Such is the case for MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC Co., which has a string of items lined up over the next months, including its first official release since 2007′s Sojourner box set.
First for the band is an exclusive 7″ titled  It’s Made Me Cry,  which will be available first on April 18 as part of Record Store Day, an international event celebrating independently-owned record stores. Side A of the 7″ features songs recorded over a weekend in October 2008 at Bloomington’s Russian Recording. The songs serve as a lesson in the power of brevity – each a flaming arrow to the heart of some heavy emotions. Side B of  It’s Made Me Cry  is the moody, instrumental “Protection Spell,” recorded at Russian Recordings almost exactly a year prior to the other songs and featuring late bassist Evan Farrell.
The band’s proceeds from the 7″ will benefit The Evan Farrell Memorial Fund.
A list of businesses participating in Record Store Day can be found  here.
It’s Made Me Cry  will also be available digitally worldwide on May 19.
Drag City
-AZITA will be playing at Laurie’s Planet of Sound in Chicago at noon.
-Bill Callahan is playing at Other Music in NYC at 9 pm
(BTW, Other Music has great events going all day long – check out their website)

Record Store Day Treasures: Part One ““ Thrill Jockey

Record Toreism

With over 100 limited releases being pressed especially for Record Store Day, it’s hard to select favorites. But throughout the week, File Under ? will be listing select highlights to whet appetites.  

This from Thrill Jockey Records  

Thrill Jockey is proud to present our very own special contribution to Record Store Day (April 18th).   The deluxe “Records Toreism” LP will be limited to 900 copies and will feature on one side a drawing by Post Typography and a photo silk screen by Crosshair on the other.   The images portray record stores of the future, one if you support the community institutions and the other if you don’t.   Yes that is right, the inconvenient truth.   The printing and jacket fabrication will be done by Crosshair.    

Deluxe – all hand made, hand printed loveliness!    


1. Mountains “Windows”  

This is a new song that does not appear any place else.   It was recorded with love for the record store.  

2. Tortoise “High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In”    

This is a new song.   It will also appear on their new album in June.   Released early with love for the record store.    


1. Double Dagger   “Stagger Lee”    

This is a new song that does not appear any place else.   It was recorded with love for the record store.    

2.   White Hills   “Eye to Eye”    

“Eye To Eye” was previously released on Abstractions & Mutations, a limited edition CD-R release put together for a tour in September of 2007.   Released for the first time on LP with love for the record store.    

3. Trans Am Featuring Tim Soete “Wounded Monkey”  

This is an unreleased song recorded and mixed March 28, 2005 at MAINZ in Auckland, New Zealand.   Tim Soete on lead guitar and lead vocals.   Released with love for the record store.                  

 The album will also come with two inserts:   A zine “WhatsinstORe” with contributions from Ira Robbins (Trouser Press), Stephen Pastel (Pastels, Monorail), Ian MacKaye (Dischord, Evens, Fugazi, Minor Threat), Magas (Reckless Records, Magas), Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore), Rick Wojeck (Dusty Groove), Nigel (Rough Trade Records London), Danny Beard (DB Records, Wax N Facts), Ron (Jazz Record Mart), Andee Connors (A Minor Forest, Aquarius Records) Josh Madell (Other Music), Bill Ryan (Pier Platters), Bundy Brown (Tortoise, Pullman, Directions, Dusty Groove) and more!    

The second insert, NAY! I say the first MANIFESTO, was written by an elusive crank known to dine with those that lay claim to Futurism.      

Feel the power!   Join the movement – RECORDSTORISM!!  

 Record Toreism 2