RIP Ray Bradbury (1920-2012)

I will miss Ray Bradbury. His work has been a frequent touchstone. His books and scripts for television and films are such a surefire way to stoke one’s imagination. In addition, his nonfiction writings are often quite touching. For me, they serve as an imprimatur to go and grasp for every ounce of creativity, enthusiasm, and joy in life one can muster.

I’m grateful for the many books he’s left behind for us to continue to enjoy. But I hope I don’t seem greedy when expressing my disappointment that we won’t get to savor still more pages from his trusty typewriter.

Thank you, Mr. Bradbury, for your tremendous artistic legacy and the example of your powerful personality. 91 years well lived: rest in peace.

“For Milton” (Soundcloud) + new article

Below is a Soundcloud embed of the studio recording of “For Milton,” a duo for flute and piano performed by John McMurtery and Ashlee Mack. It will appear on a CD included in a special double issue of Perspectives of New Music/Open Space, dedicated to Milton Babbitt.

For Milton by cbcarey

PS You may have noticed that at the bottom of the page, there is a link to my Soundcloud page and a Dropbox link to share your own audio files. Please feel free to listen and to share your sounds.

In other publication news, my review article, “Arnold Whittall and the Perils of Transcontinental Serialism,” is in the current issue of Intégral, a music theory journal published by the Eastman School of Music.