Vinyl Giveaway! Alex Kemp

“I think that the world is full of people that will give you opinions about your creative work, and a lot of those opinions are terrible opinions. If you wind up trying to go the major-label route with your band, you’re really inviting those ______s right into the studio with you.”
-Alex Kemp

Alex Kemp: On Your Side

Here at File Under ? , we have a soft spot for vinyl records. Especially free ones. That’s why we’re offering the first person to email me a set of Alex Kemp’s self-released EPs!

Alex Kemp: “On Your Side” (MP3)

Rhode Island songwriter Alex Kemp will be releasing 4 EPs throughout Summer and Fall of 2010. The first is entitled “Rat D’Hotel.” We think you’ll agree that, if this was the environment in which he composed “On Your Side,” there’s a disconnect between creativity and surrounding circumstances! Its a tuneful, slightly jazzy indie pop song with a syncopated back beat.

MP3: On Your Side