New Recording of In C: GVSU live at LPR

Hot on the heels of their Innova release In C Remixed, Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble has made a new recording of Terry Riley’s In C. A 2009 live date at Le Poisson Rouge, it features composer/producer/laptop musician Dennis DeSantis alongside the ensemble in a 65-minute rendition of the piece.

This version is different from the material on the Innova disc. It takes some of DeSantis’ remixing and electronica talents that were briefly on display there and blows them up to a full, intensely interactive, electro-tinged In C for 2010.

The release is available digitally via Ghostly International. Previously known as a quirk pop/electronica outfit, this is the label’s first foray into concert music. One hopes that its the first of many!

They’ve been kind enough to allow us to share a five-minute selection of the performance here.

In C (excerpt)

Ghostly International celebrates its first decade

Ghostly International has spent ten years bringing together indie and electronica artists in a number of engaging, cutting edge recordings. They’re also taking up contemporary classical projects in 2010, with a release of Terry Riley’s In C.

To celebrate their first decade, the imprint is releasing a Horizon Line, 2xCD/digital download. It features ten remixes of classic Ghostly tracks and ten previously unreleased cuts. Thus, its both a fine retrospective and an excellent introduction to the label’s output.

Teaser track: MP3: Claustrophobia (Choir of Young Believers remixed by the Antlers)