Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina; new CD + video

The Angel's Message to Me

Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina
The Angel’s Message to Me
Capitan Records CD

Most probably know Geoff Farina better for his work in the indie rock genre with outfits Karate and Secret Stars; likewise, Chris Brokaw is associated with Come and Codeine. But both have worked solo in recent years. Here, they record unplugged renditions of acoustic blues and old gospel tunes.

The textures that the duo make are beguiling, evocative of such acoustic luminaries as Robbie Basho, Richard Bishop, and Stephen Basho-Junghans. Occasionally, their perfomances, particularly the vocals, demonstrate a bit less swing than the originals tend to favor. That said, it is clear that both guitarists are well schooled in the source genre. The Angel’s Message in Me is on the whole a very successful venture.

Here are Farina & Brokaw at a recent gig at Tonic (NYC), performing the title tune off of the album, a song by the Reverend Gary Davis.