Dinosaur Jr.: “Pierce the Morning Rain” (Stream)

Yesterday, Spin premiered “Pierce the Morning Rain,” a track from the new Dinosaur Jr. album, I Bet on Sky. The LP is out today via Jagjaguwar and, as this lead off track demonstrates (embedded below), it is both shredding and catchy as all get out.

Small Black: “Photojournalist” (video)

Our friends at Stereogum premiered a new video, directed by Yoonha Park, of Small Black’s “Photojournalist.” The song is taken from the band’s current Jagjaguwar release New Chain.

Park’s video is a clever visual reinterpretation of the LP’s sonic profile. Using time lapse photography, and two different actresses in overlapping roles, the sense of layering, of woozy pitch bend, and of intricately woven grooves is eloquently communicated.

There are too many music videos that don’t have this musical sensitivity. At its worst, the medium can feel like visual PR. When directors play it too cute, or try to cram the frame with celebrity cameos, or create a provocative scene for provocativeness’ sake, we seldom feel that the song is elevated by its accompanying visuals.

Happily, there are a number of directors like Park who treat the music video as an art form; one that helps to disseminate AND elucidate what should be its principal subject matter – the music!

When this happens, the promotional aim of a music video should take care of itself. Seeing the video for “Photojournalist” will encourage you to hear more of Small Chain. As well it should: it’s a terrific outing by this Brooklynite collective.

Small Black – “Photojournalist” (Stereogum Premiere) from stereogum on Vimeo.

Gayngs cover Godley & Creme: Video

Their new LP, Relayted, is out May 11 on Jagjaguwar, but Gayngs is wasting no time paying homage to one of the signature progenitors of synth pop. Their cover of Godley & Creme’s 1985 hit “Cry” even incorporates the stylized blending of faces featured in the original’s video. In a classy touch, the group invited Kevin Godley (of 10cc and Godley & Creme) to appear in the video with them.