Let’s Wrestle’s debut

In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s
Let’s Wrestle
Merge Digital

Let's Wrestle

Lest a band risk overplaying its hand, they should carefully consider their debut album’s title. Take Let’s Wrestle, who’ve named their first full length recording In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s. Any record titled with such quirky poor grammar, and such an audacious pop reference point (King Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King) had better bring the goods musically. Happily, the band proves be a fine addition to the Merge imprint.

While the buzz about this recording was that it would be a punk record, and its title suggests some sort of reaction (pro/con/commentary) on prog, it is neither of these things, exactly. Rather, it seems to fall into the rollicking catchall of indie rock, with an emphasis on noisy jocularity. An apt reference point might be Art Brut with a bit less Dada and a bit more Dinosaur Jr.

The best song on the recording, and the one you’ll most likely be humming hours after listening to it, is “We are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon.” Its jaunty, cheeky video is below.