Marching Band for Two

Marching Band
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Haldern Pop

Given their group name, one might expect Marching Band to be a horde of musicians. Instead, this Swedish pop outfit records as a duo — Eric Sunbring and Jacob Lind. The group name is also a swerve in that this is anything but brass-laden music. Instead, Sunbring and Lind present sunny, layered arrangements of ebullient indie pop.

The interwoven vocals and hemiola-happy rhythms of “Gorgeous Behavior” are a case in point. One part Kings of Convenience, another Beach Boys, a dash of Vampire Weekend, and more than a bit of the New Pornographers are whipped in a blender and recast into a vibrantly bustling style.

While the proportions may vary from song to song, the central fixtures – abundant vocal harmonies, easily appreciated hooks offset with tricky accompanying rhythms, and a penchant for busy arrangements – allow Marching Band to take their own piece of the spotlight on an already crowded stage.

Below, check out Marching Band’s first music video: “Make Up Artist”

I’m looking forward to their second recording, Pop Cycle, which is hot off the presses. Hopefully it’ll arrive soon!