Aloha's new LP streaming on Spinner

Aloha’s new LP, Home Acres, is now out on Polyvinyl.

I’ve long been a fan of the band. Way back in 2000, Steve Brydges of Copper Press turned me on to their debut LP, That’s Your Fire (also on Polyvinyl and well with worth seeking out!)

Back in 2000, Aloha often created a boisterous noise. Part of their sonic signature included copious vibraphone flurries, matched by experimental rock guitars and mathy time signatures.

Over the years, Aloha’s sound became more layered and progressive in presentation. One hesitates to say that their sound has mellowed, exactly; indeed Home Acres includes some of their most rocking music in a while. Mallet instruments remain an important part of their music-making; but on Home Acres, its often the marimba that takes center stage rather than vibraphone. Here mallet instruments and other post-rock gestures are integrated parts of the whole, rather than noticeable mannerisms.  And while there are catchy hooks aplenty, Aloha’s rightly vaunted instrumental passages are still given enough time to develop.

All in all, Home Acres is an excellent addition to their catalog.

For those who like to ‘try before they buy,’  Spinner is streaming the album in its entirety  here.

Brooklyn Vegan has also posted a couple of songs for download  here.