CDDancingintheLight.jpeHATZIS: Pyrricean Dances; Telluric Dances. Rivka Golani, vla; Beverley Johnston, perc; Suzanne Lemeiux, oboe. Symphony Nova Scotia/Bernhard Gueller. CBC 5243. 70 minutes

Christos Hatzis is fascinated (obsessed?) with dance rhythms. The two pieces on this disc are billed as “concertos”, but in style and in substance they are dance suites. Hatzis is an eclectic composer, but not a collagist or a maker of pastiche. Each movement tends to be in a given style or manner, but the manner may vary from movement to movement.

The music is lively and rhythmically charged, but somehow otherwise not especially engaging or compelling. The soloists, Rivka Golani (viola) and Beverley Johnston (percussion) in Pyrricean Dances, and oboist Suzanne Lemeiux (in Telluric Dances) play with skill, style, and commitment. The Symphony Nova Scotia under Bernard Guellar offer solid accompaniment.

The music is well-made and given fine performances; it just doesn’t do it for me.

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