guitarcomposer_1945_1303.gifLEISNER: Acrobats; El Coco; Nostalgia; Dances in the Madhouse; Trittico; Extremes. Cavatina Duo (Denis Azabagic, guitar, Eugenia Moliner, flute); Katinka Klein, cello; Joshua Rubin, clarinet. Cedille 90000 096. 60 minutes.

Flute and guitar. The pairing suggests fleetness of foot and lightness of touch, a kind of instrumental Fred and Ginger. Acrobats, a collection of music for flute and guitar (with the occasional addition of cello or clarinet) by David Leisner, fulfills this image/expectation in clear and often intriguing ways.

Leisner’s music is direct and accessible without sacrificing expressivity. The composer has a firm but flexible grasp on tonal harmony and rhythm, especially dance rhythms. The instruments are shown off to great effect””the music really sounds.

Denis Azabagic (guitar) and Eugenia Moliner (flute), comprising the Cavatina Duo, are excellent instrumentalists and sensitive musicians. Their playing is clean and expressive. They are joined by Katinka Klein (cello) and Joshua Rubin (clarinet), both fine players in their own right.

This is well-made music, lovingly played and recorded.

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