Thousand Year Dreaming
Annea Lockwood

Thousand Year Dreaming

Pogus Productions

Performers on Thousand Year Dreaming: Art Baron, conch shell, trombone, didjeridu; Libby Van Cleve, oboe, English horn; Jon Gibson, didjeridu; Annea Lockwood, voice; J.D. Parran, clarinet, contrabass clarinet; Michael Pugliese, tam-tam, clapping sticks; N. Scott Robinson, conch shell, frame drums, pod rattle, tam-tam; John Snyder, didjeridu, waterphone; Charles Wood, tam-tam, stones; Peter Zummo, trombone, didjeridu

Imagine doing the aural equivalent of Fantastic Voyage with a didjeridu. Or three. That should be reason enough for you to want this recording. Thousand Year Dreaming is a re-release of the recording previously available on What’s Next and is accompanied by an electroacoustic soundscape piece floating world. Thousand Year Dreaming is a tremendous composition. It sucks you in right away with simple glissandi and microtones. Ms. Lockwood permeates each gesture with spaciousness and slow pacing, weaving a smooth fabric throughout the 5 movements. Nothing is rushed, nothing is abrupt, everything flows so smoothly that once you hear real didjeridus you feel as though they had been playing all the time.

The performance of the work is incredibly nuanced and detailed. You simply fall into this piece and don’t get out until it is done. The performers exude a sense of community and musical understanding which is critical to the success of Thousand Year Dreaming. This disc is an excellent recording of a dynamite composition.

floating world is a soundscape composition made from recordings donated by Ms. Lockwood’s friends. The simple sounds mask the editing techniques applied to the material and it is possible that one can hear the piece and be oblivious to the sensitive treatment of the recordings. In other words, Ms. Lockwood makes soundscapes sound easy. They aren’t. Each of the three movements provides a lovely aural window to places I’d rather be (instead of my windowless office). The subtleties and spaciousness of floating world makes it an excellent counterpart to Thousand Year Dreaming.

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