61GqXD4MRFL-_AA240_.jpeSZABí“/KASTNING: Resonance. Sí¡ndor Szabí³, Kevin Kastning, baritone guitars. Greydisc 3503. 56 minutes.

On the basis of this disc, I feel confident saying that Sí¡ndor Szabí³ and Kevin Kastning are both remarkable guitar players and remarkable musicians. Their disc of baritone guitar duos feels like a summit meeting of players in complete sympathy with each other, operating on the same wavelength. (For those wondering about the baritone guitar, it has an intimate, smoky sound, and can be heard doubling the voice on “Into the Fire”, from Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising.

The music on the disc is a collection of pieces that Szabí³ and Kastning composed together. There isn’t enough documentation with the disc to tell how written out the pieces are or how much of the composition took place in studio. In either case, they are meticulously planned and executed pieces, mostly tonal and contrapuntal, with some excursions to the edge of pantonality. The pieces are well-constructed, with a casual, lived-in feeling.

The recording is excellent. The sound of the guitars is clean and warm, with clear attacks and no distortion.

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