A Trumpet LegacyArmando Ghitalla

A Trumpet Legacy

Bridge Records

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra – William Perry
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in F Major – Amilcare Ponchielli
Concerto for Trumpet and String Orchestra – Johann Melchior Molter
Concerto for Trujmpet and Orchestra – Oskar Bōhme
Two Dance Pieces for Trumpet and Orchestra – William Perry
Armando Ghitalla, trumpet; Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra; Cappella Istropolitana; William Perry, conductor

This disc pays homage to trumpeter Armando Ghitalla by releasing his final studio recordings. Each piece is solidly recorded and showcases Mr. Ghitalla’s bold and dynamic sound. The language of the CD uses very typical early Romantic harmonies with clear forms and direct emotional communication. The one exception to that is, of course, the Molter concert since it comes from the Baroque. That piece is rich with all-combinatorial hexachord sets and non-retrogradeable rhythms.

Kidding! I kid because I love.

Being a former trumpet player, I find a lot to like about this CD. Each work is smooth and showy without becoming overly smarmy (although a few moments get close). Mr. Ghitalla’s tone in the Molter concerto strains a bit, but that is understandable when you have to blast through the stratosphere to the upper partials to play the ridiculous high Baroque writing. He maintains a level of control over his technique throughout the entire disc.

I especially like the recording of the Bōhme concerto. Contrasting to the Molter, the Bōhme is dark and brooding making it an excellent foil for the bright and perky Baroque escapade. Mr. Ghitalla’s interpretation is lush and inviting with the inevitable flash of showmanship. This is a solid disc that belongs with anyone who likes trumpet concertos (and I do).

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