fileHHp3H-jpg-full.jpeROSENBOOM: Future Travel; And Out Come the Night Ears. David Rosenboom, Buchla Touché & 300 Series Electric Music Box, piano, violin, percussion, texts. New World 80668. 72 minutes.

David Rosenboom is a long-time pioneer in the combination of instrumentally and electronically produced sounds. This release makes recordings originally made around 1980 available on CD for the first time. The composer has edited and enhanced the music, and included material left off the earlier vinyl release.

The music itself is pop and jazz influenced and sequencer heavy. The layering of repeated patterns of different lengths keeps the proceedings going. It’s not my favorite kind of live/electronic music, I must admit, but it does what it does with style.

The sound is very clean, almost to the point of antiseptic, but that’s the nature of this particular beast.

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