Lesser Epitomes
K. Leimer

Palace of Lights

This is an unusual album, in that the cover is almost identical to that from another album (The Useless Lesson), and the music consists of numerous tracks of ambient music that may be shuffled however one wants. The composer (who really goes by his first initial only) Refers to this as “process music for active or passive listening” and involves both instrumental components and live field recordings From various countries.

What does this all mean? And does it mean anything, or even have to mean anything? The questions themselves are irrelevant. Rather, this is music designed to be listened to rather than discussed, and is unobtrusive music that reminds me both of Eno’s Ambient series from the 70’s and certain Zen-like albums by a variety of new age composers. However, this isn’t quite like those “let’s relax and feel better about ourselves” CDs that one can purchase at Starbucks or some museums. Rather, this is music that intentionally takes you somewhere else without being kitschy or inauthentic. I really enjoyed listening to this album, and highly recommend it.

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