Songs of Franz SchrekerSongs of Franz Schreker

Selections from Mutterlieder

Bridge Records

Hermine Haselbōck, mezzo-soprano
Wolfgang Holzmair, baritone
Russel Ryan, piano

This collection of songs, all taken from Schreker’s Mutterlieder collection, features strong late-Romantic styled Lieder performed with lyrical and emotional conviction by all involved. The thirty songs assembled on this disc are portioned into subgroups with each subgrouping alternated by Haselbōck’s tender mezzo-soprano and Holzmair’s bright baritone. The tone of these songs is fairly typical of late-romantic-but-pre-expressionist angst. Poetry from many sources deals with expected topics: forest imagery, nostalgia in general, loss of love, and several songs devoted to dead children. The melodies for all of the songs, whether wistful or creepy, are all incredibly poignant and performed with great care. This collection of songs will be right at home next to all that Hugo Wolf you have in your CD player.

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