Ginastera Music for Cello and PianoAlberto Ginastera

Complete Music for Cello and Piano

Naxos Records

Mark Kosower, cello; Jee-Won Oh, piano
Pampeana No. 2, Cinco canciones populares argentinas, Puneí±a No. 2, Cello Sonata

There are a lot of great things about this recording. If you are a fan of Ginastera’s music, this recording is a wonderful collection showcasing all of the rich details that endear his output to me. The music has rich and occasionally edgy harmonies, wonderful rhythmic propulsion, and extremely lyrical melodies. I find Ginastera to be a perfect example of rugged modernism that is still palatable to more conservative musical tastes. Mark Kosower’s tone is rich, earthy, and deep, making it a perfect match to the material at hand. Paired with Jee-Won Oh on piano, Kosower is stellar at finding the inner life of each piece and communicating that life to the listener. Each work is played with just the right amount of power or tenderness, depending on the need. Kosower’s arrangements of the Cinco canciones populares argentinas are equally sensitive and nuanced, making his efforts on this disc a double-threat.

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