Trinity Requiem
Robert Moran
Innova CD

Trinity Wall Street, the “Ground Zero Church” in New York City, commissioned a work from Robert Moran to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001. The result, Trinity Requiem, is one of the most moving musical settings I’ve heard associated with 9/11.

Set for children’s choir, harp, cellos, and organ, it utilizes an elegantly simple, yet abundantly appealing musical language, combining soaring vocal lines, sumptuous pan-tonal harmonies, and flowing ostinati accompaniments to create a comforting, contemplative mass setting entirely appropriate to this occasion. The forces assembled by Trinity Church are uniformly excellent: recording a subdued, poignant performance of considerable musicality.

Respectful of those still in mourning, yet preferring an affirmative demeanor to doleful lament, Trinity Requiem is a beautiful piece that one hopes will remain in the repertoire. It transcends the nature of many occasional pieces to speak with an eloquence and sensitivity that is truly special.

Robert Moran Trinity Requiem CD by innova Recordings

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