STREICH: Dramatische Studie Nr. 3; ABLINGER: Augmented Study; JANULYTE: Psalms; FREY: A Memory of Perfection; Distant Colors; wen III; JENEY: Százéves átlag; BABBITT: Composition for Twelve Instruments; Arrivals and Departures; CLEMENTI: Second Violin Concerto; OTTO: Violin Duo; DAVIS: slip; CARLSON: Second string octet; MAKAN: mu; MAŽULIS: The Sleep; WILCOX: Two Violins. Erik Carlson, violin, various artists. http://erikcarlson.bandcamp.com/ 153 minutes.

Erik Carlson is a New York based violinist and composer, a member of ICE and the Talea Ensemble, among many others. He is a fine player, possessed of excellent technique, impeccable intonation (a must in the kind of music he plays here), and a keen ear for the range of sounds that can be made on a violin.

Some of Mr. Carlson’s central concerns, as both composer and performer, come through in his Second Octet. This very brief (less than three minutes) long-tone piece moves easily from harmonic clarity to harmonic crunch, with an incredibly present, physical sound.

The rest of this generous, always rewarding set is made of pieces that range from the high concept process pieces of Stefan Streich and Peter Ablinger through the expressive elegance of Milton Babbitt’s Composition for Twelve Players, in the best recording I’ve heard.

All of the pieces can be streamed from the website listed above, they can be purchased individually or as an album. Highly recommended.


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