A few weeks ago, I wrote about pianist Menahem Pressler’s residency here. Some nice quotes:

  • “In order to have enough time to practice, I have dinner when I get home, then go to bed, then get up out of bed at 10 pm to practice. You have to be a bit of a maniac.”
  • Looking up towards the ceiling as the opening of a student’s phrase reverberated through the hall: “Hear that up there? Meet it somewhere on its way down!”
  • On interpretive license: “Meat needs seasoning”¦but too much seasoning makes you sick!”
  • “You may not always like [your teachers] but you do love them. And what you learn from them, you take with you through your life.”

On an unrelated note, kudos to my freshman composition student Leo Hurley, who won the Winston-Salem Symphony competition I wrote about here. His piece, Echoes of Red, influenced by Miles Davis and George Gershwin, was premiered by the orchestra three times on Tuesday and Wednesday to thousands of appreciative listeners.


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