Check out the Santa Fe New Music Festival this Wednesday night – in addition to Piotr Szewczyk’s performance of ViolinFutura (coming soon to a planet near you), Piotr will be premiering my Fifteen Minutes, a set of 16 brief works I wrote for him under the mistaken impression that I was giving him what he asked for. As it turned out, I gave him everything except what he asked for. When I found out my error, I sent him Mister Blister by way of an apology. Mister Blister has become a fixture in the ViolinFutura show, and now Piotr has decided to take on the entire Fifteen Minutes set, which is quite wonderful of him, and ambitious, too – Fifteen Minutes is crazy virtuosic, and just plain crazy besides – there’s a movement with kazoo, there’s a rather rude use of a familiar Chopin tune, there’s a movement with a kitchen sink in it — well maybe that last is a slight exaggeration, but it’s certainly one of the strangest pieces I’ve written. Anyway, Piotr emailed me an mp3 of the music for my feedback last week and I had just a few comments — it’s going to be a great performance. I’m very sorry to be missing it.
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