Just got the 2007 royalty statement from Albany Records for this 2002 disk of my chamber music. To my surprise, they are showing I had 1.5 times as many CD sales as digital downloads last year. I would have guessed we were past that tipping point by now – by which I mean I would have thought digital downloads would be outstripping CD sales. No conclusion to draw, just a presentation of information.

By the way, since I know the world is waiting with baited* breath for my next release, I am currently working on two new recordings: another disk of chamber music and a disk of vocal pieces. Takes me a long time to get these out: I am hopelessly hypercritical when it comes to recordings of my music.

So I guess the wormy scent on those tongues will linger a while longer.

(all right, I know, it’s supposed to be spelled “bated,” and mean something else entirely. But this way always seems much more fun)

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