Tonight is the premiere of GPS Lady at the Summerland Music Society in Hudson Falls, NY.  Hope someone lets me know how it goes, since I can’t be there.  Coincidentally, about 10 miles to the west, at Lake Luzerne, Danielle Belén will be performing Façade on Monday.  One of my oldest pieces and one of my newest pieces in close proximity, both about eight hundred miles from here, and I can’t make it to either one.  Instead, I’m deep in the final stages of Sparkling in the Dark, and I’ve begun a fun new piece called Seven Stories.

More about Seven Stories at a later date.  Sparkling in the Dark, as I’ve written before, is my first foray into electronic music in thirty years.  There are a few things I’ve learned how to do in the meantime, a few idioms and genres over which I’ve attained a measure of mastery.  At age 52, embarking on a project as a novice is a fun counterpoise, hopefully healthy, hopefully productive.  I’m learning a lot of the pitfalls one runs into in electronic composition, challenges I’ve read about and heard about and am now experiencing firsthand. It’s putting me in the unfamiliar position of trying to forgive myself for rookie mistakes.

To cope, I’m trying to balance an attitude of cheerful audacity with a set of modest goals: one doesn’t decide to try out rock climbing on Everest.  Sparkling in the Dark is six minutes of straightforward composition, not groundbreaking, just music.

Premiere in November, if I can ever get it finished.

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  1. I will DEFINITELY let you know how it goes. For now, a nap and then off to the hall. Thank you again for the piece!


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