I’ve been spending a lot of time in art galleries these last few weeks.  Not by design, just as a result of living the life I live and hanging out with the people I hang out with.  One unexpected pleasure has been making the acquaintance with some of the work of Mark Dixon.  Dixon makes useful machines from we usually call “found objects.”  He refers to himself winningly as a “career counselor for unemployed devices” – the complete sentence in his bio reads: “Mark Dixon is an area artist, folk scientist, machine acupuncturist, reverse engineer, and career counselor for unemployed devices.”  Clearly a man with a good perspective on himself, and his work reflects this unorthodox sensibility.

I encountered Dixon’s “Invisible Chair,” a percussion instrument, at the Sawtooth Center last week.  (Dixon belongs to a performance-art band called INVISIBLE, in which he can sometimes be found playing the Selectric Typewriter Piano.)

Check out some of his stuff (especially the wacky SafetyBike video) here.

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  1. Dave F. says:

    I guess if you eat enough Mexican food, you can play a few “toute suites” on this baby.

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