Tonight everyone is getting an extra hour’s sleep so they can be ready for Composers in the Hood, a concert of works by our students, taking place tomorrow at 2 pm in Hood Recital Hall on the UNCSA campus.  On tap: music by Michael Anderson, Kenneth Florence, Lucas Grant, Ted Oliver, Bruce W. Tippette and Alicia Willard.  Not in that order.

Speaking of on tap, Thursday night’s Forecast concert was a blast: the beer was flowing and the audience was chill.

Maybe in that order.

For a taste of the ambience, here’s a snap of the sublime Taimur Sullivan and the superb Saxton Rose, performing together for (I believe) the first time in the premiere of Sparkling in the Dark.

The guys will reboot the piece this Tuesday night at UNCSA’s Watson Hall on a concert also featuring music by Caleb Burhans, Sofia Gubaidulina, Francisco Mignone and Jacob Ter Veldhuis.  Heads up!

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